Plans & friends & summer and COFFEE!

It’s officially my summer break.

I’m in the works of planning so many fun things for the next few months. Trips, new experiences, quality time with the people I love. Etc,etc,etc. I’m feeling super spontaneous lately. This could be dangerous. Or just really awesome.

Husband purchased our tickets to spend almost a WEEK in Florida with his family in June. It’ll be our longest vacation since our honeymoon in Cancun and my first time ever in Florida. That will be two new states this year by June! Not too shabby. I’m pretty giddy. GIDDY!<<See?

Happiness and two cups of Starbucks Dark Roast and this is the kind of blog post you end up with.

I’m platonically (Is that not a word? Why is there a red squiggly line below it? Screw you, red squiggly.) smitten with my girl friends and all of the time spent with them. Just in the past week: A girls day out and mini road-trip with Tessa,Priscilla and Jennifer. A girls night in with Kaitlyn, Chelsea and Tessa. Happy hour with Amanda and Becca. Getting to know Hannah and Rachel better over pizza and story-telling and hysterical laughter and taking pictures in a circular formation whilst laying on the floor. Aren’t girls great? We are. We’re so great.

I think after my pilates/jog routine today, I’ll go find a pool, read a book and catch some sun.


My excitement for life and friends and vacations and spontaneity and no more homework is kind of bubbling over into this here post. The coffee and my naturally hyper personality may not be helping either.