Soaking It Up


Still so busy lately. But making a conscious effort to soak up all of the amazing, lovely things surrounding me also keeps me oh-so-happy.


Park date with the husband/The fact that we’re both five at heart:


On-campus radio show:


Bounce-house fun with the twins I nanny:


Sweet surprise from my husband:


Grad fair at school. Free cake and t-shirt. (Senior perks. What’s up.) :


Enjoying a beautiful morning on my gorgeous campus:


Always trying to enjoy moments as fully as possible is something I try to live by on a daily basis. Lately though, I’ve been even more focused on this effort, knowing that a couple big chapters of my life will soon be closing. My school of nearly three years and my current nanny job of almost a year are two of the beloved things I’ll be saying goodbye to after my graduation. (In less than FOUR months.) As excited as I am to be moving forward and as giddy as I am to be surrounded by so many new opportunities as of lately, it’s also really important to me to cherish the things that have made up such a wonderful, huge part of my world. Really making sure lately to treasure every single moment spent on campus and with my two favorite two-year olds.

Searching For Life’s Surprises

One more final until school is out for summer. So soon until I can start accomplishing my long list of summer fun! Until then, I’m still glowing from last weekend’s pre-summer adventure.

Saturday afternoon, three girl friends and I set out on a mini-road trip to Wimberley, Texas. I had made reservations (isn’t that grown up of me?) to a winery. Getting there was half the fun though. We did a lot of turning around, a little bit of gossiping and a whole bunch of  giggling and chatting. One of my resolutions for the year is to explore more of Texas, and being with girls I adore has got to be one of the best ways to accomplish this. Not to mention, the Texas Hill Country is absolutely gorgeous. I always forget how much of my own state I haven’t explored until I’m actually exploring my own state. Between the scenery and the laughter, I was already feeling quite content by the time we arrived at our destination of Wimberley Valley Wineries. If I was content on the drive there, I was giddy upon driving up to the location. The weather was sunny and breezy, people were outside sipping on wine and there were barrels of wine in view. We joked about taking one and running, but instead decided upon walking inside. Originally,we were going to participate in a 20 dollar wine class, but came to the mutual group decision of doing the 5 dollar wine tasting and spending the leftover money on, well, more wine. We all kept commenting on how neat the experience was, even as it was happening. The girls helping us out were fun and around our same age, making the experience that much more enjoyable. We all stood at the bar, perusing our menu and enjoying each other’s company, excited about which wine we’d taste next. Among my choices were blueberry wine, chocolate wine, and a port that was over 28 years old and tasted of strong coffee and cream. The girls and I eventually decided on sharing a bottle of sweet red and wine slushies, and we made our way to the outside porch. There, we felt the breeze in our hair and giggled and chatted some more. Eventually we explored our surroundings and petted (pet? pat?) some ponies. It kind of felt like we had been transported to paradise. Wine and pretty greenery and perfect weather and people that I love and PONIES–Doesn’t get much better than that. Unless, of course, you also have wine slushies. Did I mention we had wine slushies?

I love this picture. Doesn’t it look like the horse is posing?


Our wine baby. We named him Piccolo.

We ended a perfect and magical day by attempting to find a place to eat. It was kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, searching for a suitable place. The first place was closed. The second,we were seated, only to find that this choice was a bit out of our price range. Luckily, everyone in Wimberley is rather friendly and as we started to walk out, our waiter caught us and suggested other eats. To our relief, waiter dude told us this happened all the time. You don’t expect quaint little cafes in Wimberley to cost big bucks! The third place was just right. It was a small and adorable cafe, where I feasted on the best chicken fried chicken and green beans of my life and our waiter rapped for us. Yes. He rapped for us. I was not expecting to find a rap artist up in Wimberley, but there you have it. Life is full of surprises. Searching for them just so happens to be one of my favorite things to do.

The Moments In Between.

Note: This was partly written last night.

Husband and I are currently sitting in our living room. He’s watching “The Office” reruns and I’m drinking a glass of wine. We’re giggling and making small talk. Earlier, he smoked boudin on the grill and I sat on our back porch finishing up a really juicy read. In a few minutes, we’ll go to bed, snuggle up and go to sleep. This is the norm for the hubby and I, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the years I’ve come to adore the simplicity of our relationship. Where I thrive on thrills and adventures,this is my calm. I am constantly going, going, going and rarely breathing. Husband is where I’ve found a place to rest and take a breath. When it comes to life, I’m all about the butterflies and the excitement and the nonstop fun. As an ENFP personality type, that’s just who I am. I love the big stuff and have just gotten to a point where I can enjoy the little things too. But it’s always been different with Robby. The dude proposed to me in our laundry room. (Our first long make-out session was in a laundry room.) Our wedding, though beautiful, was never something I was really concerned about planning at nineteen and twenty years old. We kind of forgot to have a housewarming party when we purchased our first home. The moments that many couples expect and plan for years are the ones that have come and gone pleasantly but, by choice, more quietly for us.

Where the dude and I have always shone is within our smaller moments. I’ve had my fill of the big-drama-filled-tear-inducing-butterflies-like-crazy love stuff and it really wasn’t my cup of tea. With Robby, the butterflies are there but they don’t hurt my tummy so much. Our “drama” doesn’t go past silly quarrels that are over as quickly as they start. I’ve learned to seek out my high intensities and rushes from life and living it, and to find peace and comfort in the romance I have with my hubby. Five minute phone calls throughout the day. His admitting to having a nightmare and scooting closer to me in the middle of the night. Christmas morning with his family and Easter evening with mine. Chuckling at something silly our dogs or my brother recently did. Me falling asleep on the couch and him gently nudging me awake, plugging in my phone and bringing a glass of water to the dresser nearest my bed. Our inability to not act like children while on vacations together. One of us doing something sappy and the other smiling and saying, “You are soooo in love with me.” Putting our feet together and saying “Foot sex!” Jokes that only we understand the punch line to. Saying sweet nothings in each others ear, except instead of mushy words, literally saying “Sweet nothings.” And then giggling. Every-time. Our enormous collection of “Remember whens.” and the laughter that accompanies these.

In previous years, I’d often pick fights in hopes of intensifying our relationship. I more often than not found that I was fighting by myself. Robby was just not what I was used to. I was used to relationships being a forlorn bundle of sad emotions. He was sweet and gentle and patient and understanding. He still is. What’s changed is that this is now what I crave. Cuddles and surprise kisses and late night movies and strolling through new cities hand-in-hand. His listening ear and welcoming smile. The moments after the wedding and before the babies. Those moments that many plan for years and anticipate for lifetimes…..Well, I’m glad to have had some and look forward to others. But what I’ve come to love and cherish the most are all of our moments in between.

I don’t need to make a birthday wish.

Golly gee my heart is full, y’all. Either I got really lucky or I must be doing something right to be this incredibly and overwhelmingly loved.

My birthday weekend:


I  walked in the door after a long play rehearsal to find that my house was spotless and squeaky clean. My husband then appeared and told me he had to show me something outside. Then he told me he had made me dinner and it was out there. I was only half suspicious and half looking for a steak in the tree when I noticed all of the pretty lights hanging everywhere. Before I even had time to take all of that in, out jumps a large group of loved ones and I hear one loud “SURPRISE!!!!” I was all smiles and half in shock whilst receiving hugs and greetings from both new and old friends. I had told my husband I wanted a “surprise” party, but never really planned on it being a surprise. This month has just been way too busy for me, and I knew I couldn’t plan it myself. But he and my best friend Tessa just went above and beyond. They put a private event on facebook inviting friends over, and made the date one that I never expected a party on. Husband cleaned the house and even gave out mopping duties to our friend Patrick. Tessa hung up lights in the backyard so that it would resemble the silent disco we’d recently attended and loved. Priscilla made me a beautiful cake which I wanted to stare at all night rather than eat. So many loved ones showed up just to make sure my night was special, and their happiness from seeing me so happy made me even happier. At midnight I was serenaded with the birthday song and was told to make a wish while blowing out my candles. I don’t think I really have anything to wish for. I already have it all.

I was in such a state of excited shock that I didn’t get pictures of more than half of the people there. I did snap a few good ones though:

Above is my best friend/party-planner/ light-hanger/the chick I’d date if I liked girls.


I woke up early for play rehearsals and when I arrived, was greeted with homemade cupcakes made by my fellow actor and friend Kaitlyn. On each cupcake was a letter, and all together they read “Happy Birthday CCB” (my initials) I was serenaded with the birthday song once more and showered with birthday greetings and love from the cast.

I came home pretty exhausted (Obviously, I didn’t get much sleep the night before.) to happily find that my best friend was still at my house. Well, actually she was in my backyard suntanning and painting her nails with her massive collection of polish. (She spends the night prepared.) I spent the next couple of hours sunbathing, painting my nails and receiving a large bottle of wine from the best friend.

I ended the evening by receiving presents from the hubby and going on a sushi date.


Husband and I went to my parent’s. My mom made me some adorable presents she found ideas for on Pinterest and a Butterfinger cake she found on a blog. (This crafty/baking gene has completely skipped me.) My dad cooked me a delicious Italian dinner. After all of the festivities, we sat on the porch and just talked while my little brother and sister played in the backyard. My mom complained that I was too skinny and my dad complained that I was too liberal. After not seeing my parents for a few months, this was welcomed complaining.

If I had to make a birthday wish, it’d be that those in my life would just stay put. Lucky for me, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So maybe I’ll just wish that all of these sweets don’t make me diabetic. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Tickled Pink.

I realize I use the word “happy” quite frequently in my blog, and I could see how this might get a little redundant and/or annoying. So I thought I’d spice it up a bit. I looked up synonyms for “happy” and my favorite was “Tickled Pink.” Yes. So I am feeling tickled pink today!

Life updates:

  •  While husband and I were on vacation, two girl friends and my brother took shifts taking care of my dogs. Brother even had to clean up some dog poo. I have the sweetest people in my life.
  • Had happy hour with a couple of buddies last night. Below is my “Hello, I am quite tipsy!” face:

  • Girls who look good at airports never cease to amaze me. I usually look either like a little boy or a half-awake monster. Sometimes a mixture of both. And then I see a chick with her hair curled, make-up applied and high heels on and I think, “I hate you.”, “Why!?!? “ and “You are my hero.”
  • I think maybe my apparent youthfulness attracts the elderly? Perhaps I remind them of their younger years? For whatever the reason, I get hit on by freakish amounts of slightly creepy old men. Bars, grocery stores, other states…No place is safe! San Diego was no exception. Husband and I walked into a bar, and almost instantly a dude around 70 starts doting over what a “pretty little thing” I am, that I am “just lovely” and other equally disturbing remarks. One of my biggest flaws is that I’m way too nice and I don’t know how to tell people to get lost. So Robby and I humor him and he buys us two drinks a piece. I’m glad I am able to use my powers for good.
  • My friend Priscilla, on missing me:
  • I missed a call from my husband today and texted him to see what was up. His response made my heart melt a bit. Okay, a lot.
  • One more class until my spring break officially begins! Fun plans are in the works. I’m lucky enough to have friends who, like me, are pretty much down for anything. The memories that come to mind make me smile. Parasailing with Priscilla. Hummer limo-riding and mini-road trips with Tessa.  Bikini car-wash and rain-dancing in a baseball field with Shannon. Jumping off of cliffs and participating in a nude lake with Emily. Indian reserves in New Mexico with Katie. Getting lost in Baltimore with Meg. Hiking in Colorado with the little brother. Painting houses in London with Bryant. Sharing giggles with Cierra in Paris. Riding bikes in San Diego with the hubby. Mechanical bull-riding with Crystal. Kayaking with Amber. Hosting an on-campus radio show with Becca. I could go on for hours, as everything I type leads me to another memory that brings yet another smile. Now I have a (mostly) open week  in which to make new grin-inducing memories! I love the feeling of having a countless amount of possibilities and so many loved ones by my side to explore them with.
  • I hope you’re tickled pink too!

Here’s to the good stuff.

Favorite moments this week:

(Collage by my lovely friend Becca)

  • Becca buying me food/happy hour and Tessa, later that night, buying me drinks downtown. I have super sweet friends who thankfully don’t let me use, “I’m broke” as an excuse to not hang out with them.
  • Speaking of Becca. In our shared religious course, she mistook the word “incense” for “incest” during lecture. Thus, instead of hearing  “All kinds of incense” in the church, she heard “All kinds of incest” in the church. Add the fact that my professor seemed really excited about this fact and Becca’s initial look of confusion and disgust, we ended up giggling uncontrollably for approximately five minutes in the back of the classroom.
  • New neighbors close to hubby and my age. They were outside today when I started my run and invited us over for “Beer and video games” sometime. Hubby may have found his neighborhood soul mates.
  • Receiving a really sweet secondhand compliment. Best friend Tessa informed me that our mutual buddy Brooks told her that there was just something about me that others are drawn to. Made me smile. It’s always good to know that people are talking good about you behind your back.
  • Going out with my best girly friend, a dude friend I haven’t seen in years and a new dude friend last night.
  • Funny/awkward moment of the night:I mentioned to new friend Scott that I was taller than him. He didn’t like this comment and set out to prove me wrong. We came across a group of women who I believe were celebrating a bachelorette party. Scott promptly asked who was taller. The consensus was that he was taller but that I was way hotter. Before walking off, one lady (or maybe it was two?) told new friend Scott, “She’s fine. You better treat her right.”  Err. They thought new friend Scott was my lover Scott. After said amusingly awkward conversation, new friend Scott went around to other groups asking not who was taller, but who was hotter. I definitely won. Hee.
  • Dancing on stage at a dueling piano bar. Though I have no dancing abilities whatsoever and I was still much too sober to be dancing on a stage, I had a blast.
  • Best dude friend Bryant messaging me pictures of our mutual girl crush, Selena Gomez. (No, We’re not quite pedophiles. She’s 19! And he started it.)
  • Upcoming fun weekend plans with my amazing hubby and wonderful friends.
  • I’m going to San Diego in two weeks!
  • So. Here’s to free happy hours, girl crushes, dancing on stages, upcoming vacations, being the hotter partner of a fake couple, new friends, old friends, the bestest of girl friends and all of the other good stuff, lovely moments and exciting adventures in between. Cheers,y’all!


I am simultaneously exhausted and ecstatic.

Firstly, let me just announce, I GOT A ROLE IN THE SCHOOL PLAY! I still can’t really believe it. I’ll be playing a bitchy/smart-ass waitress in one of the 5 ten-minute shorts Concordia is performing this semester. This may or may not have to do with the fact that  I auditioned as a bitchy/smart-ass McDonald’s employee. This particular play involves a chick who has been sucked into an alternate reality where she can’t get anything she asks for. The entire play is in a restaurant setting. Needless to say, I have a bunch of fun/humorous lines and I probably would have picked this role if I could have myself. I’m excited beyond belief but also preparing to make some sacrifices. The first being that I can’t spend Valentines Day with my hubby due to rehearsals and that a lot of other free time will now be sucked away (Shit starts getting really real the week of my birthday.) But right now, I’m kind of on a natural high and have decided it will all be more than worth it. At the same time, I’m pretty tempted to fall asleep on my keyboard right now. Trying to take on the world is kind of tiring sometimes. But a good kind of tiring.

Secondly, husband’s birthday is today. He’s 29! My friends and I threw a little surprise party for him on Saturday. And when I say my friends and I, I mostly mean my friends. I spent the day with Robby’s family (Who spoiled us with cupcakes and stuff) and babysat that night, so I was short on time. Katie was more than happy to let me use her place, and Tessa bought cake and balloons (which she wouldn’t let me pay her back for.) Both of these dear girl friends prepared festivities and made everything look party-ready and perfect. They even wrote some of Robby’s token sayings all over the balloons. (IE; “F***ing A!”) Husband, being consistently late to everything (One of the reasons I may kill him before he’s 30…),showed up an hour late.  My group of friends and I sat in the dark for 60 minutes, talking and giggling and once, accidentally surprising the wrong peeps. We had a blast waiting for my tardy dude to show up.

Last night, my friend Priscilla surprised me with a carton of ice-cream and we had a girl’s night of wine, dramatic tv shows and chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream.

Today at my nanny job, I accidentally fed the two year old artichoke dip. No chips included. I thought it was pasta. Afterward,I brought hubby home some presents, studied and did my 4 days a week ab-workout routine. The boy and I just got home from Mexican-food (His favorite) date night.

Life is really good. I need a nap. But naps can wait. Life cannot! Now excuse me, while I watch a movie with the birthday boy and hopefully do not drool on him whilst snoring.

That moment where you get to tell your past that your present turned out just fine.

“Well I am almost twenty-three

Confused with all the lines in-between

They are dying to be read

Softly spoken, simply said.”

(Tristan Prettyman- Simple as it should be)

A good word to describe how I’ve been feeling lately would probably be, “inspired.” Long walks in the park. Checking-out a library book for the first time in years. Friends and music and long drives that make me think. In a couple of months, I’ll turn 23. It’s the first time in a while that I haven’t dreaded getting another year older.  The sound of the word “Twenty-three” is something I like rolling off my tongue. To me, it sounds happy and young and playful, but grown-up and more aware too. Or maybe that’s just where I feel I’m at right now, and I’m just placing it to the way an age sounds on my lips. Either way, a lot of things seem to be coming together for me lately. It’s as if the universe is conspiring, not against me, but for me. Yesterday afternoon, for example.

 I adore my university, almost everything about it, but I dislike being forced to take religious courses that have nothing to do with my major. So I grudgingly made my way to my required religious course, where I saw our guest speaker. He was an Eastern Orthodox minister. He was wearing a robe. And, considering I’m not a church-goer, he looked eerily familiar. I sat down and tried to place how it was that I could possibly know this man, but wasn’t sure until he started speaking. Then I was near certain. It was Father Wilcoxson. Father Wilcoxson, who was my very first professor. Father Wilcoxson, who taught me English 1 at Austin Community College. Father Wilcoxson, whom I, at 18 years old, believed to have the first name of, ‘Father’, and just enjoyed wearing long, black robes. Father Wilcoxson who has been the most influential and remembered professor of any that I’ve had since. Father Wilcoxson, who knew all of my secrets. I remember walking up to this man after he had given the class our first assignment. It was to simply write a story about ourselves. I walked up to him and said, “I know what I want to write about. But….you have to promise not to judge me.” I think at this time I had become a little more aware that he may have been in a religious field of some sort. He informed me that he wasn’t there to judge, but to teach. This came as a relief. I was taking my first college course at the same time I just so happened to be  making some of the most questionable decisions of my life. I had recently been awoken from my sheltered existence in the form of waitressing. From this job sprung my first doozy of a relationship–A relationship that I knew without a doubt I shouldn’t be in, but was anyway. Being 18 and arguably the most naive,innocent girl to ever exist, ‘Love’ was all that mattered. Nothing and nobody else. Still, I needed the therapy of writing to someone who could read without judging, only grading. Father Wilcoxson offered this to me. Though I do feel that he kept his promise by never judging me, after the first paper he asked if he could speak with me.  My paper was good. The decisions I was writing about? Not so good. He gently informed me that the man I was with would not change, and that I needed to get the hell out of that relationship, asap (In different words, of course.) But I didn’t. I did, however, continue writing about it. By the end of the semester, he was taking me aside again, informing me that this relationship was no good and that it had to stop. I still wasn’t listening. And then I never saw him again. That is, until yesterday.

It’s a very funny feeling to see someone who knows you only as the girl you were four years ago. Because I see that girl as a story. I see her as someone who existed in some kind of parallel universe, a ‘me‘ that existed only in some far away land. I know she was real, and I know all about who she was and what she did, but I don’t think of her as being the same person that I am today. We’re too different. We shared bodies and memories maybe, but she’s gone now. The wiser, more mature, much happier me is here. I thought all of these things until about 24 hours ago. Seeing Father Wilcoxson standing only feet away from me was a mind-altering experience. My past was meeting my present. I couldn’t sit still. I wanted to wait until after class to speak with him, but I just couldn’t. So, in between all of my classmates religious questions, I finally raised my hand and blurted out:

“This is totally besides the point but….did you use to teach classes at ACC?”

Father Wilcoxson: Yes….And you look extremely familar.

Me: Yes…Yeah…Wow…You taught me English 1. (I was flustered at this point.)

Father Wilcoxson: Okay. Yeah. Did you…I hope I gave you a good grade?

Me: Yeah…you gave me an A actually!

Father Wilcoxson: Okay good …. You look older. Do I look older?

Me: No,no…I was actually thinking you looked younger.

After this whole exchange, the whole class was laughing and my current professor’s face was bright red with his own chuckling. Despite the amusement we brought to the classroom, I knew I wanted to end things on a more serious note with him. I waited until class was over, and he came to the back of the room to throw his water bottle away. I told him that he was the most influential professor I’d ever had, that he helped me through a lot of tough things at the time and that I had been married for 2+ years now. I also thanked him about fifty times. I wasn’t sure what he would remember about me, and wasn’t about to tell him, but did at least want to let him know that I was in a much better place now. But somewhere in our conversation he asked me, “Didn’t you work at a restaurant?” And I couldn’t help but laugh a little bashfully, realizing that he remembered most everything.  He seemed genuinely happy for me, and the place in my life where I’m at now.

To me, seeing Father Wilcoxson was a lot like closure. It was as if that chapter of my life from four years back was finally closing. It was a realization and an acceptance that the past me and the present me are the same me. It was the ability to see, before my eyes, a part of my life that has come full circle.  It was the knowledge of how far I’ve come and of how wonderful it is to be where I’m at right now. And it was this incredible, unforgettable feeling of being able to tell someone from the past who undoubtedly helped shape my present, that their part in the book of my life helped aid in reaching a happy ending.

Holiday Moments 2011

I had a lovely, special, enchanting, festive, warm, cuddly, magical Christmas this year. I really hope you did too!

Some favorite moments:

  • My friend Priscilla presented me with my Christmas present last Friday. Beautiful  Steven Madden shoes with about 343243 inch heels.  I was equal parts grateful and terrified. I don’t do high heels. I can’t walk in them without falling all over the place every five seconds. 343243 inch heels are especially frightening. Along with my gift and much to my amusement, Priscilla presented me with two conditions.

1. “You have to throw away those black strappy things.” I have these pair of wedges that aren’t the cutest but I wear out because they were super cheap and are comfortable. We came to the agreement that I didn’t have to throw them away, but could only wear them twice a year. Or when she wasn’t around.

2. “I have to teach you how to walk in them. We will have lessons later.”  Deal.

  • Seeing the above baby and her family. I nannied for them all last summer but hadn’t seen them in about four months. On Friday, I was finally reunited with three of my favorite little ladies. I was sort of afraid Poppy wouldn’t remember me.  Four months is so long in baby time. After her mom warned me that she had been especially clingy and wouldn’t even go to her mother-in-law, she actually reached for me to hold her. Gah. For someone who doesn’t want kids til she’s 85, I still sure do love the ones that don’t belong to me.

  • I must note a couple of the gifts I received within a 24 hour period. Husband put lottery tickets and wine in my stocking, and Gwen gifted me coffee and beverage mugs. Gambling, alcohol and caffeine for Christmas. People knowing me too well is really making me look like such a well-rounded individual,eh?!
  • Christmas text messages between the best dude friend and I.  See above. The way we address each other tickles me.
  • Spending Christmas day with my hubby and the in-laws. The whole day was perfect. It’s completely true that marrying someone means you marry their whole family too. And I am so thankful for that. I couldn’t have found better than my man and the Boudreaux clan that came along with him.
  • So. Much. Food.
  • Pretty lights.
  • Eating out with my lovely family. To make a great evening even better, my aunt and uncle paid for Robby and I as part of our Christmas present. Made my heart and tummy full.
  • Maybe I love this time of year because of all the bright and shiny things. Maybe it’s because it always reminds me how very loved I am, and how many special people I have in my life. Maybe it’s the cold weather and getting all warm snuggled up with my boy. Maybe it’s being surrounded by friends and family. Maybe it’s that everyone just seems just a little bit more cheerful. Maybe it’s tales of Santa Claus and watching cheesy made-for-tv Christmas movies. Maybe it’s being around little ones that stirs up and finds the magic my little kid self felt for this season. Maybe it’s all of the surprises and gifts and get-togethers and food. Maybe and probably it’s a mix of all of these things and so much more.But I won’t over-think it. I’m sitting next to my husband and he’s saying sweet things to me and I believe it’s time for some more cuddling now.
  • What makes this time of year special for you?

Those Moments.

Hey. Guess what? ONE more final left until I am free for three and a half weeks! It’s been a pretty intense week thus far, but all of the little and wonderful moments from the past days are keeping me quite happy. Would you like to know what moments I speak of? I’ll take your silence as a yes.

These moments:

  • Train ride including my wonderful husband and in-laws, homemade sugar cookies, hot chocolate and SANTA CLAUS! Mrs. Claus handed out whistles to all of the kids on the train AFTER giving them their sugar cookies. I think Mr. Claus and his wife should get together and have a friendly marital discussion about the timing of their presents.
  • Celebrating my friend Chelsea’s birthday party and my friend Katie graduating from dental assisting school (So proud of her!) all in one night.

  • Cuddling with two of my favorite girls. (I adore the below picture)

  • My signature dishes from this past weekend: Peanut butter pie and bacon/almond/pineapple/egg fried rice. The pie was by far the best dessert I’ve ever made and the fried rice was super scrumptious too. The only way you can really get me to eat anything fruit related is if it’s mixed with something super salty or unhealthy. Such as bacon. 
  • When it comes to grades, I usually end up freaking myself out over nothing.  This semester, I was most worried about my Communication Technology final, which I was sort of sure I did miserable on. I hesitantly looked a few minutes ago to see that I made 19.20 out of 20 possible points. Huge sigh of relief. I have ONE more final to go. Wish me luck!
  • I was sitting on the couch a couple of days ago when my hubby announced from the kitchen, “I have such an amazing wife.”  I laughed and asked him where that came from. He’s always saying sweet,adorable things but this one was especially random. His reply to my question? “Because. There’s peanut butter.”  I’m glad he’s so easily pleased.
  • I have some endearing and often amusing moments with the four year old boy I nanny.  This morning, his parents were getting ready to leave when he excitedly told me, “I have something for you.” I thought it would be a drawing or something so I just somewhat absentmindedly said okay. He then runs into his parent’s bedroom which causes them to ask what he thinks he is doing. I was washing out his little sister’s cereal bowl when I hear the following conversation:
  • Little dude:  I’m going to get Christina her present!
  • His parents in quiet voices: No,  not yet….
  • Little dude in a not so quiet voice: But I want to give her her BRACELET!
  • His parents still in quiet voices: No…’s not Christmas yet!

He eventually gave up and I pretended to be oblivious to this entire conversation. Still, I couldn’t help but smile. Later, we made a giant Christmas card and I taught him how to draw a Christmas tree. When we were outside waiting on the bus to arrive, he looked up at me and out of nowhere said, “You look beautiful.”  My heart melted a little bit.

I know that one day when I look back to this time in my life, I won’t be thinking about all of the stress from my finals, but moments like these. It’s those kind of moments that make it to memories.