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Life And Vacation and Run-On Sentences

Quick life updates. Prepare for many choppy, run-on sentences. 


HI! So I learned how to be a flying acrobat a couple of months ago. I also had the chance to pose for a photo-shoot with a photographer whose work has been shown in TIME magazine and stuff. I’m still event blogging and working as a social media representative, and still smitten with both of these gigs. Last weekend I ran a 5k in a beautiful vineyard, and was given a glass of wine as soon as I crossed the finish line. Life is so fun.


Baby girl is almost six months old and is a complete daddy’s girl and it’s the most adorable thing ever. I am in love with their bond and watching her grow and kissing her fat little cheeks. She cracked up laughing as I repeatedly said the word “Ouch” in a high-pitched voice last week, and it was just the greatest thing ever. She is a happy, beautiful little baby and I am so very grateful that she is ours.


Tomorrow my husband and I leave for our five year anniversary trip. We’re going to Vegas, and I’m also hoping to cross Utah off of my state bucket list. I usually try to avoid visiting a state I’ve already visited in the relatively recent past, but Nevada has Vegas and Vegas has really cheesy vow renewals. Nevada also has pretty mountains and holds memories from our earliest years of marriage. And for our five year renewal, all of that just sounds oh-so-perfect to me.

I am aware that I’m actually leaving out many life updates but I have to finish packing and I’m sleepy and excited and I have to pee and YAY.

What Granny Gave Me

Last month, my grandma, mom, sister, daughter and I made our way to the little town of Joshua, Texas. This is where Miss Bryn met my great-grandma. Her great-great grandma. Together in one room were FIVE generations of our family. Needless to say, it was a very special day.


Growing up, my Granny Polly and Pa’s house was my favorite place in the world to be. Driving up to their property, after the three hour drive that always seemed more like a lifetime back then, was always a moment for complete and utter celebration. On holidays, the kids would sleep on the floor chit-chatting and giggling until we fell asleep, excited for what the next day would bring. In the summer, I would spend a week at a time with my Granny. We’d fall asleep in her bed, her reading a novel with a scantily clad woman and her beau on the front, me with my Babysitter’s Club or something equally G-rated. In the morning, we’d wake up around 6 am. Granny would make us both coffee, something I was only allowed the indulgence of at her house. She drank (and still drinks) hers black, and I filled (and still fill) mine with copious amounts of cream and sugar. Some days we would get donuts or browse an eccentric bookstore, and on the weekends we’d scope out garage sales. The evening was spent eating dinner at the kitchen table whilst watching the news on a small television, watering the garden and sometimes riding the golf cart around the land. Always we ended the night with more reading.


Everything about my Granny and Pa’s house was pure magic. Thinking back, I can still feel the lingering touches of the wonder that staying with them would bring. The air came through vents on Granny’s floor, and I can remember standing on the vents as the cold air chilled my feet, mesmerized by even this. Glass drawers were placed throughout Granny’s house, full of glass eggs and other small, beautiful things. I was entranced by all of these little baubles. But most magical of all was this–on their land was a large building, filled with the items they acquired from buying out storage units. It may have been a business for them, but for me, it was simply paradise. I would spend hours going through the knick-knacks, the books, the tables and boxes of seemingly endless treasures. Until my parents would start limiting my collection, I would usually go home with as many of these treasures as my heart desired. As Granny and I browsed her jewelry a few weeks back, she explained to me where many of these unique and lovely pieces originally came from. For a brief moment, I was eight-years-old and totally immersed in that feeling of childlike fascination again.


I give a lot of credit to my Granny for my love of coffee, bargain-shoping, trinkets and reading. Most importantly, I know she has played a big role in my insatiable love for life. As a kid, I’d often brag to my friends that my great-grandma jumped on the trampoline with me. On the way back from my Pa’s funeral, Granny rode to her house on the back of a motorcycle. I’ve heard that she dyed her dark brown hair platinum blonde, probably just because she could. She is the embodiment of the word ‘pizazz’. In every moment I can remember spending with her, she’s had a zest for life and a knack for living every moment of it to the fullest. As we were looking through a photo album this past weekend, my grandma noted how adventurous her mom has always been. My mom laughed, “That must be where Christina got it from. I know she didn’t get it from me!”


I feel so fortunate to have passed down to me this joy for the turning of a page, the searching for the smallest of treasures, the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte, the wonderment that comes with trying something new. And I can only hope that I can pass down to my daughter all of the happiness and love for life that my Granny Polly has gifted me.

I do, again, soon.

In celebration of our upcoming five years of marriage, my husband and I will be renewing our wedding vows soon.


This isn’t the dress I picked out, because I still feel like I need to hide that from the groom dude the second time around too.

But can I just say how fun it was trying on dresses after brunch and more than a couple of mimosas with one of my best gal pals by my side?

And how excited I am to say ‘I do’ again to the person I want to do things with for the rest of my life? (That sounded raunchier than I originally meant it to. But yes, also that.)

And how between work and friends and hobbies and husband and baby I am so busy and sleepy and ferociously in love with everything that makes up my overflowing, crazy, hectic, wonderful life?

Because, yes. All of those things.

Why The Celebrity And I Aren’t Looking At The Same Camera

This past weekend I ran the Fit Foodie 5k.


 With food and drinks all over the place post-race, it was one my of favorite 5ks of all time. At one point I had a mimosa, an iced coffee and a lettuce wrap all in my possession. AT THE SAME TIME. Food and coffee and mimosas and running are four of my favorite things, and there they were, all together. It was an amazing moment.


After all of this goodness, Alison Sweeney, who was helping host this event, was doing autograph signings. She’s probably most known for her role as host on The Biggest Loser, but I was completely geeking out for another reason. I was that super cool home-schooled teenager who was completely obsessed with the soap opera, Days of our Lives. I told my best friend that the universe must want all of my (very strange) childhood fantasies (aka obsessions) to come true. First I filmed a video piece that was shown at American Idol concerts. Then I randomly ran into the former White Power Ranger. AND NOW THIS?!


But this encounter was not without its difficulties. First, my phone died. I had time after the run, so I decided to go back to my car and charge it for a little while. Only I couldn’t find my car. Finally, I found it, parked about a million miles away. I charged my phone for a little while, and parked closer. Back to the event I went. I got there just in time for the signing. Except when I was got to the front, my phone died. Again. In front of somebody on television that I’m just trying to take a quick picture with. Such is my life, y’all. Luckily, beforehand I had asked nice strangers I was conversing with to take a picture on their phone if mine died. As much as I love running races with friends, I also really love running them solo. They’re one of my favorite ways to get quality alone time while also occasionally chit-chatting with fun new people. Said fun strangers were prepared to take picture, but someone working with Alison also sweetly offered to take a picture and email it to me. But there must have been some confusion, as I was looking at one camera and she was looking at the other. And this, my friends, is how I ended up with two different pictures of a celebrity and I looking at two different cameras.

In conclusion, people are awesome, I am awkward and life is this funny, lovely little thing that I don’t think I ever will get enough of.

The Night Of A Photo Booth, Magical Feelings And A Pantsuit

Last week, I brought my husband along as my plus one to the ballroom reveal of the Radisson in downtown Austin. It was one of those evenings full of magical feelings.


We had an absolutely gorgeous view of downtown. I wore my first one piece pantsuit. It was a pain to pee, but it was on sale and felt adventurous. My husband wore a button up shirt (a rarity for him) and dropped his raggedy old hat for the evening. I thought he looked stupid handsome. 


We sipped on cocktails and beer from the open bar, enjoyed the mouthwatering array of Austin chef prepared appetizers and took ridiculous pictures with hats and fake mustaches at the photo-booth. We chuckled and said thank you when told we were an adorable couple. 


I usually bring girlfriends along to my media events, and I love doing that. My gal pals are the loves of my life too. But sometimes it’s just nice to bring him. To laugh and banter and make more memories with the guy who knows me better than anyone in the world, and somehow is still pretty fond of me anyway.


Nights like this one remind me of how giddy I am for our five-year anniversary trip. And for the rest of our lives together too. 

The Craziest, Most Foolish, Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

This year has been a big one for me and my husband. In January, we traveled to Italy and experienced a week so magical, I couldn’t have possibly dreamed it up any better. In April, we said our first hellos to our beautiful baby girl. Now we’re in the works of planning a trip in celebration of our upcoming five year wedding anniversary. Five years! Say what?!

This past weekend was a quieter one, spent with Robby’s parents in New Ulm, Texas. Saturday night, Robby and I ventured to the nearby town of Brenham, Texas for a date night. Over shrimp and a beer-rita at a seafood shack followed by a chocolate torte at a two-story-house-turned-Italian-restaurant, I found myself giddy and grateful for yet another adventure with my main squeeze. Over six years together and nearly five years of marriage, and he still manages to make me swoon on a regular basis.


As many of you know, I was a young’un when I met Robby. I had technically been a single adult for only a little over a year when I met him. Just a month previous I had told someone, a community college friend who asked me what I was wanting from ‘this’ after an innocent kissing session, that I only wanted friendship. And that was the truth, though I could understand the mixed signals. When the eager gentleman before this one told me he couldn’t believe how much he liked me already, on our first date, I ran. Fast. This was partly due to the fact that I was simultaneously managing to have my heart completely broken by someone who was never actually my boyfriend, but instead a friendship escalated out of control. A relationship wasn’t exactly the first thing on my mind the night I met my future husband. Distractions were. But I think I knew even then that if I let my jaded self walk away from someone like Robby, I’d probably regret it. Was I ready? Maybe not. Probably not. But who is ever ready? For love or life or big, scary, maybe terrible, maybe wonderful changes? The most we can ever do is put ourselves out there and hope for the best. So I did.


Still, in staying with Robby, I had so much growing to do on my own. I was a naive, silly, confused teenager when we met, and no amount of love was going to fix that. Tying that knot did not keep me from making my own mistakes, or accomplishing my own goals. I’ve noticed that marriage has this dangerous potential of guarding someone from becoming their own complete person if used as a shield against the world. But I’ve never been a big fan of barriers. If anything, I feel I came into my own even sooner than I would have as a young single girl, because there was no one to impress or put on faces for. With Robby, for better or worse, I simply am who I am. And I was who I was. At first I was the crazy, emotional, angry, stereotypical teenager who thought she knew everything and actually knew very little at all. Then I was the typical poor college student, nannying on the side, keeping my measly funds in my own bank account. Eventually, I graduated college. I realized what I was passionate about and went after those things. I became an event blogger and started my first post-college career. I gained friends and I lost them. I traveled with Robby, and I traveled with friends and even alone. I adventured and started jogging and filmed a commercial; I hurt and laughed and learned and cried over things that had nothing to do with my husband in the slightest. Robby has been there for me every step of the way, while always giving me space to breathe and respecting my need for freedom within a relationship. I always understood that he couldn’t help me fix my own issues or fulfill my personal dreams. I wouldn’t have wanted him to. 


What I want from him is something different entirely. I want him because his smile is the purest, most joy-filled smile I’ve ever seen. Because we laugh so much. We laugh so hard that he has tears and my sides hurt. Because he listens to every strange, ridiculous, rambling thought on my mind. Because we could be trapped in a cardboard box together and still have fun. Because he has been through so much more than I have, and he is still so kind, and open and not even slightly cynical. I love him because we have our own language, a dialogue so full of inside jokes and odd remarks that we’d be sure to get odd looks speaking it in public. Because I am still a little taken aback by the the love he gives to me with his eyes, his words, his actions. Because while I have taught him to be more politically and grammatically correct, he has taught me to slow down and savor even the tiniest of moments. Because he loves openly, affectionately and without hesitation. Because he is such a patient, doting and loving father to our redheaded, blue-eyed baby girl. Because I grew up with him, and because I hope to grow old with him.

Looking back, I am incredibly thankful to not have had the good sense to realize that twenty is not usually the best age to get married. I might have walked away from a world of happiness with someone who is not just good to me, but for me. I might have missed out on the adventure of a lifetime, an adventure that I hope will last me the rest of my lifetime. I chose to turn a blind eye to the statistics and societal norms and follow my stubborn, ignorant little heart. And that was the craziest, most foolish, best decision I’ve ever made.



Because there are so many adventures to be had, y’all. Also because I believe in shameless blog promoting at a social media conference. (And yes, my handwriting really is that bad.)


Because lounging by the pool is better with books and a Slurpee. And because I am indeed reading both The Summer of Naked Swim Parties and Brain Rules for Baby. Because life is better with variety?


Because I swear she looks a little bit more like her daddy every day.


Because being an event blogger is awesome and leads to lovely new experiences like learning how to captain a dinghy sailboat. Thanks for the informative lesson and perfect Saturday excursion, Austin Sailboat Rentals!



Because attending Facebook Fit for work means being on the clock whilst eating yummy food, meeting wonderful people and learning new internet things. And also posing with my new thumbs-up ‘Like’ sign on a stick.


Because best friends are the best.


Because my best friends also make pretty awesome aunties to Baby Bryn.


Because, okay, I just had to post one more picture of this chunky little baby of mine.


Because being alive is spectacular, and I think it’s important to keep a running record of that.