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Perspective And A Photo Shoot


The older I get, the more I realize that life is so much about perspective. I can be in the worst mood one day and high on life the next, and the only thing that has changed at all is my attitude. So I’ve learned and am still learning to continuously choose joy. To dance while vacuuming and to get childishly excited about smores and cold weather and Christmas. To write bad poetry. To read books that make me feel things. To go on romantic dates with gal pals. To start wearing skinny jeans at twenty-five because, hey, I feel sexy in ‘em. To lip sync to “Shake It Off” (And okay, most of the new T-Swift album) with a spoon as my microphone while I make dinner, whilst my 7-month-old stares at me as if I am strange but also somewhat amusing. To create a running commentary with my husband regarding the characters on Baby TV. To allow myself the occasional bout of utter despair, because being present with my current emotions makes for an overall happier me. To spend money on travel instead of shoes, because 1. I can’t walk in heels and 2. Anything tangible rarely competes with the complete wonder of expanding horizons. To try every new thing I can get my hands on and to buy a comfy sweater with a giant heart on it. To do things I am passionate about, because passion helps a positive perspective grow. And to always browse the wine aisle for an extra moment, even though I already have a bottle in mind. You never know what you’ll find if you keep an open mind.

As a side note, these photos are from my most recent shoot. It’s one of my favorites to date, so thought I’d share with y’all.

Photo Credit: J Antonio Images


For the Love of Local Adventures

I worried when I first became pregnant that I would no longer be able to travel as much as I wanted to. I’m learning that most of my anxieties turn out to be unwarranted ones. Not only have I been able to travel frequently both while pregnant and with a little one, but I’ve also found a new love for adventuring locally. Whether five hundred or five miles down the road, I feel blissful as long as I’m in a new place with a good book and the smell of morning coffee. Add some nightly wine and a loved one or two or four into the mix and then the world just sparkles with magic.


This past weekend was spent just miles down the road in the little city of Lago Vista. My grandparents live here, so I’m fairly familiar with the area. It took a quaint resort and my mother-in-law’s fresh eyes to allow me to truly see how beautiful this hilly, green, deer-residing town really is. Add to this a heartbreakingly gorgeous read, plenty of coffee and wine, a morning walk to the lake, thrift-shop hunting and a surplus of happy family moments, and much enchantment ensued.weekend1babyloveweekend9



Five Year Vow Renewal, Las Vegas 2014


A couple of weeks ago and after five years of marriage, my husband and I renewed our wedding vows at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. With the photographer as our witness, we said “I do” again, Robby without a tie and me with my hair in a bun and hair ties still on my wrist. We chuckled through our vows but meant every word of them just the same. It was this lovely and quick and imperfect little ceremony, but it felt completely flawless. Probably because I was making googly eyes with my favorite, fellow imperfect human being.

I hope to be lucky enough to continue saying “I do” with him for as long as we both shall live.




Vegas Highlights 2014

Vegas Highlights 2014:


  • Exploring the mountains of Nevada/Vegas outskirts with pumpkin beer in tow. Oh, the festive, happy feelings.
  • pumpkinbeervegas6
  • Drinking coffee and rum+pineapple from the balcony of our breathtaking mountain resort.


  • Our first night in the mountains: Picking up some homemade bread pudding from the resort’s restaurant, and coming back to our room to find that my husband had moved some furniture around to make room for dessert. “I made us a table.” he said. It was the best bread pudding of my life, shared with the dude who still gives me warm fuzzies after five years of marriage.



  • Doing the Vegas strip thing with the hubby, round two. (Round one was our first wedding anniversary, 2010)
  • vegasvoucherWinning a hundred bucks on a Walking Dead slot machine. I NEVER win anything and have deemed myself unlucky when it comes to similar games of chance, so this was a big deal for me. I hate gambling just a teensy bit less now.


  • Renewing our vows at a Little White Wedding Chapel (professional pictures of this coming soon!), which was immediately followed by attending a nearby happy hour, still dressed in our wedding dress and tuxedo. After happy hour, we went to a local grocery store to grab beer and liquor for the mountains. We got a few stares, some questions, a handful of verbal congratulations and one in the form of a car honk and wave. The whole experience was silly and cheesy and lovely, and most of all, it was just so very us.


vegas12I’m giddy to spend the rest of my life exploring the world and creating cheesy memories, makeshift tables and endless adventures with my lifetime crush. And I am forever grateful for that one tipsy night in a garage at a stranger’s party. It’s led to this big, beautiful, goofy love that I’ve found in Robby Boudreaux. A lingering glance that would eventually turn into countless stories and laughter, a redheaded baby girl, exploring the world hand-in-hand, a pumpkin beer shared in the mountains. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Life And Vacation and Run-On Sentences

Quick life updates. Prepare for many choppy, run-on sentences. 


HI! So I learned how to be a flying acrobat a couple of months ago. I also had the chance to pose for a photo-shoot with a photographer whose work has been shown in TIME magazine and stuff. I’m still event blogging and working as a social media representative, and still smitten with both of these gigs. Last weekend I ran a 5k in a beautiful vineyard, and was given a glass of wine as soon as I crossed the finish line. Life is so fun.


Baby girl is almost six months old and is a complete daddy’s girl and it’s the most adorable thing ever. I am in love with their bond and watching her grow and kissing her fat little cheeks. She cracked up laughing as I repeatedly said the word “Ouch” in a high-pitched voice last week, and it was just the greatest thing ever. She is a happy, beautiful little baby and I am so very grateful that she is ours.


Tomorrow my husband and I leave for our five year anniversary trip. We’re going to Vegas, and I’m also hoping to cross Utah off of my state bucket list. I usually try to avoid visiting a state I’ve already visited in the relatively recent past, but Nevada has Vegas and Vegas has really cheesy vow renewals. Nevada also has pretty mountains and holds memories from our earliest years of marriage. And for our five year renewal, all of that just sounds oh-so-perfect to me.

I am aware that I’m actually leaving out many life updates but I have to finish packing and I’m sleepy and excited and I have to pee and YAY.

What Granny Gave Me

Last month, my grandma, mom, sister, daughter and I made our way to the little town of Joshua, Texas. This is where Miss Bryn met my great-grandma. Her great-great grandma. Together in one room were FIVE generations of our family. Needless to say, it was a very special day.


Growing up, my Granny Polly and Pa’s house was my favorite place in the world to be. Driving up to their property, after the three hour drive that always seemed more like a lifetime back then, was always a moment for complete and utter celebration. On holidays, the kids would sleep on the floor chit-chatting and giggling until we fell asleep, excited for what the next day would bring. In the summer, I would spend a week at a time with my Granny. We’d fall asleep in her bed, her reading a novel with a scantily clad woman and her beau on the front, me with my Babysitter’s Club or something equally G-rated. In the morning, we’d wake up around 6 am. Granny would make us both coffee, something I was only allowed the indulgence of at her house. She drank (and still drinks) hers black, and I filled (and still fill) mine with copious amounts of cream and sugar. Some days we would get donuts or browse an eccentric bookstore, and on the weekends we’d scope out garage sales. The evening was spent eating dinner at the kitchen table whilst watching the news on a small television, watering the garden and sometimes riding the golf cart around the land. Always we ended the night with more reading.


Everything about my Granny and Pa’s house was pure magic. Thinking back, I can still feel the lingering touches of the wonder that staying with them would bring. The air came through vents on Granny’s floor, and I can remember standing on the vents as the cold air chilled my feet, mesmerized by even this. Glass drawers were placed throughout Granny’s house, full of glass eggs and other small, beautiful things. I was entranced by all of these little baubles. But most magical of all was this–on their land was a large building, filled with the items they acquired from buying out storage units. It may have been a business for them, but for me, it was simply paradise. I would spend hours going through the knick-knacks, the books, the tables and boxes of seemingly endless treasures. Until my parents would start limiting my collection, I would usually go home with as many of these treasures as my heart desired. As Granny and I browsed her jewelry a few weeks back, she explained to me where many of these unique and lovely pieces originally came from. For a brief moment, I was eight-years-old and totally immersed in that feeling of childlike fascination again.


I give a lot of credit to my Granny for my love of coffee, bargain-shoping, trinkets and reading. Most importantly, I know she has played a big role in my insatiable love for life. As a kid, I’d often brag to my friends that my great-grandma jumped on the trampoline with me. On the way back from my Pa’s funeral, Granny rode to her house on the back of a motorcycle. I’ve heard that she dyed her dark brown hair platinum blonde, probably just because she could. She is the embodiment of the word ‘pizazz’. In every moment I can remember spending with her, she’s had a zest for life and a knack for living every moment of it to the fullest. As we were looking through a photo album this past weekend, my grandma noted how adventurous her mom has always been. My mom laughed, “That must be where Christina got it from. I know she didn’t get it from me!”


I feel so fortunate to have passed down to me this joy for the turning of a page, the searching for the smallest of treasures, the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte, the wonderment that comes with trying something new. And I can only hope that I can pass down to my daughter all of the happiness and love for life that my Granny Polly has gifted me.

I do, again, soon.

In celebration of our upcoming five years of marriage, my husband and I will be renewing our wedding vows soon.


This isn’t the dress I picked out, because I still feel like I need to hide that from the groom dude the second time around too.

But can I just say how fun it was trying on dresses after brunch and more than a couple of mimosas with one of my best gal pals by my side?

And how excited I am to say ‘I do’ again to the person I want to do things with for the rest of my life? (That sounded raunchier than I originally meant it to. But yes, also that.)

And how between work and friends and hobbies and husband and baby I am so busy and sleepy and ferociously in love with everything that makes up my overflowing, crazy, hectic, wonderful life?

Because, yes. All of those things.